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New Geodes Game Released

News Created on: 10/10/2014 11:18 PM

SJM Media Group, creator of the Geodes series of illustrated children’s books, announces the release of the new Geodes Game. The Geodes are geometric superheroes from the twelfth dimension. While conducting experiments on their density machine they were transported to earth. The only way they can get back home is if they all go through the space-time portal within thirty seconds. The geometry of the space-time portal is continuously changing. The shapes may look like they are correct for a Geode but they have to be an exact match for the Geodes to go through. The object of the game is drag and drop the Geodes on the matching geometric shape before the thirty second timer goes to zero.

The Geodes game is available online at www.thegeodes.com. Future plans call for The Geodes game to be available on popular mobile and application platforms.
Additional information: www.thegeodes.com

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